Partnership as a business philosophy

At MGI Delta, we understand business as a mutual process. We work closely with our clients and partners and always maintain a good and highly ethical tone of work and communication. The same philosophy is shared by the lawyers from „Stankov, Todorov, Hinkov and Spasov“ Law Firm. Our common work values ​​allowed us to work well together. When Mackrell International - one of the leading legal networks in the world and today’s MGI Worldwide's sister network, shared during a virtual meeting that they have no member firm in Bulgaria, we already knew that we would recommend our guys. For the years on the market, the Law Firm pride themselves with excellent results - award for law firm of the year for 2018; one of the very few corporate law firms in Bulgaria with an extensive criminal law practice; dozens of awards and more. With our assistance, Stankov, Todorov, Hinkov and Spasov are now happy members of Mackrell International. We wish them good luck and to look forward for greater success!