Meet the team - Teodora Velkova

Teodora Velkova, or known as Teddy, is a real proof that order is possible and more than that – can have a charming smile. With extreme precision, Teddy manages the accounting processes and does all that with such an ease, as if it were child's play. Her favourites are the serious cases, and she always manage to find a working solution. What is Theodora out of work and is she as strict as in her job in her personal life, check in the interview.

What is your education and professional background?

I have a Bachelor's degree in Accounting and Control and a Master's degree in Financial Control.

What is your career path?

In my second year in Uni I decided to see how things are working in practice and found a job as an accountant. Over time, I changed several different companies, where I gained a lot of valuable experience, and for 2 years I have been the Accounting Practice Manager at MGI Delta. My work is responsible and extremely motivating, and the experience I gain every day is invaluable.

Why did you decide to work in Accounting?

I admit that my choice of profession was not accidental. My mother is an Accountant by profession and I was fascinated by her example. From an early age I knew I wanted to follow her career path. I can surely say that I was sure that this is my dream job from the moment I started my first position as an Accountant. Today I can safely say that I am a happily realized professional.

Did your expectations fulfil in time?

My expectations were completely met. I gained a lot of new knowledge, made valuable friendships and contacts, and got the chance to develop as a person and a professional. In my daily life I am lucky to work with people, from whom I cherish more new knowledge.

What is the most valuable thing the profession has taught you?

For me, one of the biggest challenges is the lack of time and combining work and family. And the most valuable thing my profession has taught me is that you need to search and find balance in everything.

Do you have a hobby and how do you recharge after work?

As a super-mother of two young children, my free time is spent in active sports. If there were racing disciplines such as "running after kids" and "collecting toys for limited time" I would certainly take a gold prize. Outside of these activities, my family and I are active skiers.

What is your formula for success?

To be successful you must be flexible and adaptable to change, as well as to be curious for new knowledge and self-development.